Machine Tool Videos From PTG

Precision Technologies Group supplies machine tools to a diverse set of industries where the precision, accuracy and reliability of the machinery is essential. This machine tool video post gives you the opportunity to step onto PTG’s production floor and watch our most acclaimed machines in action.

The Zenith 400 Helical Profile Grinder

Officially launched at EMO Hannover in 2011, the Zenith 400 represents a new class of machine tool for precision helical grinding. The Zenith is the first Holroyd machine to embrace all three grinding abrasives and is capable of grinding rotors up to 420mm in diameter. The Zenith’s is fully integrated with Holroyd’s Profile Management Software (HPMS) offering unparalleled precision scanning and control in the production of helical forms.

The Powerstir Friction Stir Welding Machine

The Powerstir brand pushes the boundaries of friction stir welding technology. PTG’s Powerstir machines have been adopted by organisations spanning from High-Speed-Rail to Aerospace, demonstrating the versatility of this machinery in a wide range of engineering applications. The main benefit of friction stir welding is the ability to work with traditionally hard-to-joint materials such as aluminium and light-weight alloys – essential materials in modern manufacturing operations.

The GTG2 Worm Grinding Station

In 1931, Holroyd set the world record of 98.2% worm gear efficiency and to this day the company continues to create the benchmarks in the production of precision components. The GTG2 Worm Grinding Station offers uncompromisingly high levels of accuracy in worm gear shaft manufacture and incorporates an integrated correction software, removing the need for off-machine inspection to maximise production and output levels.

More machine tool videos are housed on the PTG YouTube Channel where you can keep up to date on our latest developments and innovations. PTG’s channel is updated regularly so make sure you subscribe to receive notifications on our most recent recordings.

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