PTG Trade Mission To Istanbul

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Precision Technologies Group company, Holroyd Precision Components Limited, will be joining other leading UK manufacturing organisations on a UKTI-inspired trade mission to Istanbul, Turkey, from 26 – 30 January 2014.

“As a result of Turkey’s ongoing investment in infrastructure and industry, we have received a considerable number of sales enquiries from across the country’s air compressor market,” comments Holroyd Precision Components’ Managing Director, Colin Carr. “Having carried out extensive ‘on-the-ground’ research, we consider that a wide number of Turkish organisations would benefit from the services, products and technologies that Holroyd Precision Components Limited is able to supply.”

Clear demand for technologies
“We believe there is a clear demand for our ultra-precise screw rotors, for use in individual air applications as well as portable air power units,” he adds. “Indeed, we have already secured several orders as well as intent valued at over £500,000 from businesses across Turkey.”

Wide range of helical forms
An ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Holroyd Precision Components Limited works with customers of all sizes to produce many different types of helical forms, rotors, superchargers, pump and vacuum screws. Involvement can range from designing and developing prototype products, to full-scale volume production.


Holroyd Precision Components Ltd. has been at the forefront of screw and compressor rotor manufacture for over 50 years.

Extensive customer base
Holroyd Precision Components’ customer base spans the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sectors, process gas, air-compression, fluids processing, metering and handling. The company advises and assists the high-end automotive, racing, marine and aerospace industries on the development of rotors for superchargers. Its energy-efficient twin-screw helical blower technologies provide optimum solutions for air blowers as used in the handling of granulated and dry bulk products.

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