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At PTG Heavy Industries we have rebuilt and re-engineered a large number of roll grinders of various manufacturers including Waldrich, Churchill, Farrel, etc. This work includes conversion from manual to CNC which enhances the machines' original specification to include in-process gauging and crack and bruise detection providing functionality equal to new roll grinders.

A typical recent project was the re-engineering of a Farrel machine originally supplied to British Steel in the 1950s. We re-built the machine and included 3 axis CNC control with easy to use front end and convenient data entry allowing any roll camber data to be input easily without complex programming.

Crawford Swift understands the significant requirements placed on roll grinders today:

  • New complex roll profiles (cvc, polynomials etc.)
  • Tighter tolerances on roll profiles
  • Tighter tolerances on eccentricity, roundness and taper
  • Increasing roll hardness
  • New roll compositions or new applications
  • New and bigger grinding wheels
  • Improved roll inspection techniques
  • Higher standards for surface finish
  • Dramatic increase in data recording (ISO 9000)
  • Increased use of computers

The demands on quality are increasing while global competition demands increased efficiency through:

  • Higher output per hour, per machine
  • High utilisation factors
  • Reduced manpower with different skills
  • Reduced waste

These requirements have been increasing and evolving over a period of years. The use of CNC control has made these sometimes conflicting requirements possible.

Crawford Swift has understood these increasing needs and pays particular attention to the following features when re engineering roll grinding equipment:

  • Static and dynamic rigidity
  • Thermal uniformity
  • Zero backlash servos
  • Low friction to eliminate wear
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Flexibility of machine configuration
  • More machine condition sensing
  • Improved and faster measurement and inspection
  • Fully automated with flexibility
  • Comprehensive recording of grinding data
  • Long term support through PPM contracts and guaranteed response times

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