Crawford Swift Lathes

More than 150 years experience in machine tools with weight carrying capacities up to 250 tonnes.

Crawford Swift machines are designed to offer innovative solutions for multi task operations involving large, heavy, horizontally rotating work pieces.

The range of CNC machines encompasses 2, 3, or 4 guideway configurations, length is modular to suit the customer. The machines have capacity to accept components up to 250 tons between centres, incorporating conventional, hydrostatic or linear guideways, palletized milling, grinding, linishing heads and driven tooling turrets.

As a support to the steel and paper industry we also provide roll grinders and complete roll shop solutions.

We aim to provide customers with machines that match their specific requirements. This is done through technical liaison to establish exact machine requirements and develop a system which fully meets these needs.

Crawford Swift also offers dedicated specialist engineering providing special purpose equipment designed to meet application specific needs such as:

  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Acrylic Grinding and Polishing
  • Roll Texturing and Notching Machines
  • Chock Handling Systems
  • Roll Loaders

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