Special Purpose Machine Tools - Heavy Industries

Over the past 40 years Binns & Berry and Crawford Swift have designed and built a number of special purpose machines, typical examples of which are as follows:

  • Vertical Roll Turning Machines
  • Acrylic Polishing Machines
  • Roll Marking and Notching Machines
  • Rotor Slot Milling Machines
  • Roll Grinding Machines
  • Roll Texturing Machines
  • Roll Loaders
  • Chock Manipulators
  • Hosan Spindles and In Line and Rotary Transfer Machines

Sliding Gap Bed Lathes:

The sliding bed allows components up to 3000 mm (118") in diameter with varying lengths to be accommodated. When closed the machine reverts to a standard lathe configuration, typical applications are aircraft under carriage, ships' propellers, crane hook and sheave manufacture.

T Bed Lathes:

The T bed series offer many advantages over standard machines for large diameter chucking applications, including easy loading and access, plus greater stability for machining across a large diameter face.

Offset Bed Lathes:

Allows components up to 3000 mm (118") in diameter and 10,000mm (394") in length to be machined efficiently and is ideally suited to drum or roller turning applications.

Thread Whirling Machines:

Ideal for the manufacture of ballscrews, actuator screws, extruder screws, worm shafts, cams and other helical path machining.

Spring Coiling:

Machines are supplied for the use in the manufacture of hot coiled springs and are capable of coiling bars between 16 and 100 mm with a inside diameter up to 750 mm and free height up to 1700 mm.

Acrylic Polishing:

Crawford Swift has an excellent pedigree in providing engineering services to the aerospace industry. Acrylic grinding and polishing machines are just one example of special purpose machines supplied to the aerospace industry. Manufacturers and suppliers of optically ground and polished acrylic sheet for use in cockpit canopies and cabin window transparencies is a typical example.

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