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We’re looking forward to presenting the capabilities of our rotor milling and grinding machines, our friction stir welding machines and our sub-contract manufacturing facilities at SteelFab 2020.

Stand 1624    13th – 16th January 2020       Expo Centre Sharjah – UAE


Holroyd Precision 

Holroyd Precision’s rotor and thread grinding and rotor milling machines are widely regarded as producing the world's most accurate rotors, gears and threads, as well as ultra-precise components for a range of industries. Sectors include: heating, refrigeration, ventilation, aerospace, marine, power generation and high-end automotive. Components produced include: compressor rotors, pump screws and high-accuracy gears.


PTG Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

PTG Friction Stir Welding’s Powerstir® FSW machines are widely viewed as the premier technology for producing superior, high-strength welded joints. Sectors include: automotive, aerospace, high-speed rail, marine and oil & gas. The recent, rapid growth in the development of electric vehicles has seen PTG Friction Stir Welding introduce a number of Powerstir® ‘automotive sector’ machines, including ‘dual head’ FSW models specially developed to reduce manufacturing cycle times. 


Holroyd Precision Rotors 

From advanced production facilities in the UK, the USA and China, Holroyd Precision Rotors uses Holroyd Precision’s machine tools to manufacture ultra-precise helical components. At the forefront of helical screw and rotor design and manufacturing for more than 60 years, Holroyd Precision Rotors offers prototyping as well as batch and volume production. Helical forms produced include: compressor rotors, supercharger screws, industrial blowers, pump screws and vacuum screws.


To arrange to meet us at SteelFab, email:

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