PTG Holroyd History

A precise vision from the start

The Holroyd story began way back in 1861 when John Holroyd started his machine tool and textile machinery manufacturing business in Hulme, Manchester.

And it's been a tale of innovation for the company ever since moving to Milnrow in 1896.

In 1897, Holroyd invented the thread milling process and designed, built and patented the first machine of its type. In 1906 it started to produce worm gears along with thread grinding and milling machines.

And the innovations kept rolling off the Holroyd production line when, in 1920, it developed the first spuncast Super-Holfos & JH17 Bronze, with high strength and an extremely low coefficient of friction.

In 1931, Holroyd set a new world record for 98.2% worm gear efficiency. People said it would never be beaten. And thus far they've been proved right because the record still stands to this day.

In more recent times, Holroyd has maintained its proud record of innovation by developing a new range of CNC thread and gear grinding machines based on its unique 'Probe Feedback' and tooth profile correction technology.

While, in 2009, the company manufactured and installed the world's biggest CNC rotor milling machine capable of milling rotors up to 824mm diameter.

Making the parts, making the machines and making customers happy

Throughout almost 150 years of engineering history, Holroyd has become uniquely synonymous with one single simple yet crucial concept: that of absolute precision. Offering customers in the business of manufacturing or purchasing machined components in a vast spectrum of industry sectors a total, and totally precise, solution.

From the day of its foundation in 1861, Holroyd has pioneered groundbreaking methods in the design, manufacturing and measurement of complex helical components.

Precisely what's needed

After well over a century of supplying the machined components industry with precisely what it needs, PTG itself got precisely what it needed in June 2010 with the acquisition of the group by Chongqing Machinery and Electric Co. Ltd. (CQME), a large world-class Chinese industrial group listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange with annual sales in excess of $1bn USD. CQME manufactures machinery and equipment for a wide range of industrial sectors including power generation, commercial automotive, HV transformers and electricity distribution, machine tools and general machinery systems.

As world-leaders in their respective niche markets, the two companies were natural bedfellows given the huge opportunities for investment and growth with CQME adding value and complementary products to PTG's already extensive range for entry into new markets in precision gear manufacturing.

Very precise objectives

The clear objective of the partnership is to establish a strong foothold in international markets with the combined group continuing to invest and develop the technology, intellectual property and 'know-how' of the UK businesses, and to create products that meet the market's ever more demanding requirements, enabling them to compete with the major machine tool and precision rotors manufacturers worldwide.

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