Gear Grinding Machines from Holroyd Precision

With the Holroyd GTG2 you have an extremely versatile, multi-purpose gear grinding machine for the production of precision spur gears, helical gears, worms, screws and rotors. Prototypes? Batch or volume production? This machine will satisfy all your requirements.

Gear Grinding Machines

Sophisticated yet simple to operate, this robust, small footprint, machine is already setting the benchmark in the gear grinding machines market.

Designed and developed in the UK it combines rigidity and high power, for either CBN or conventional deep grinding operations, with the highest levels of accuracy and finish. Fast set-ups optimise productivity, whilst the advanced and highly integrated user interface enables an operator to easily produce a finished component from a design drawing.

Such performance is ideal for producing all types of spur, worm and helical gears, and the machine is also configurable for grinding ball screws, small compressor rotors, internal gears and threads.

Gear Grinding Machines

Typical applications include high-performance aerospace, automotive, precision motion, low noise and master gears.

We provide a comprehensive package of design advice and manufacturing expertise that ensures the highest levels of precision and performance. This, together with our unique ability to manufacture both machines and bespoke components, allows us to fully understand your manufacturing requirements.

Our strict quality assurance system ensures that detailed inspection has been carried out at key stages in the manufacture and assembly of this machine. The completed machine is subjected to a rigorous final inspection and test programme, with selected tests repeated after installation at the customer's site.

Holroyd gear grinding machines are in constant use in our own factory for volume production work, and our technical service staff is therefore well qualified to support our customers worldwide after their purchase, and help them get the best from their investment.

GTG2's advanced and highly integrated design enables an operator to take a typical design drawing and enter the specification - including such parameters as helix angle, pressure angle and module number of teeth - directly into the grinder control, after which the machine performs its production cycle automatically An on-board 3D scanning probe maximises accuracy using profile correction feedback and improves productivity by removing the need for off-machine profile inspection.

These improve production rates by removing the need for off-machine inspection. As a result, parts can be placed in the machine, accurately ground and then measured, and any deviations automatically corrected before completion of the cycle.

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Gear Grinding Machine Features Overview


  • Holroyd HTG 8 Axis CNC System with Advanced Touch Screen Interface and Integrated Profile Management System
  • 1.4GHz processor with 1 Gbyte RAM, supplied with DVD-Rom drive and MODEM as standard
  • Interfaced to the axis drive system using a CNC rack with a 1.4GHz processor running QNX real-time operating system
  • HDD hard drive for profile and program data storage. (A typical part program including profiles equals around 80kb)


  • Fully automatic programmable cycles
  • Dressing with full compensation for dressing disk wear via optional probing system
  • Gear tooth grinding with optional probing and form measurement
  • Repeat cycles with nesting up to 99 times
  • Fillet radius or trochoid root form
  • Gear crowning cycle for modified tooth forms
  • Lead crowning by bob crowning or by adjusting the lead or combination of both
  • Programmable constant peripheral grinding wheel speed, based on actual wheel diameter
  • Optional programmable component taper correction

Grinding Spindle

  • Fully automatic grinding wheel balancing system built in to machine spindle
  • Power monitoring on grinding spindle for machine overload protection.
  • Optional ultra-sonic contact detection of dressing disc to grinding wheel, to ensure full dress of wheel

Dressing Unit

  • 2 axis CNC controlled wheel dresser, operating with diamond dressing disk
  • Automatic wheel profile calculation for each dress cycle
  • Programmable dressing cycles for rough and finish grinding

Automatic Inspection Station

  • Optional Renishaw SP80 Scanning Probe. Resolution 1μm in X, Y and Z axes for measurement of the following features: Tooth position, shaft run-out, tooth depth, helical lead, tooth form scan, tooth thickness and automatic stock division

CNC Control

The graphical menu driven interface enables the operator to take data from a gear drawing, in a wide variety of representations, to produce profiles and grinding paths to generate the gear.

CNC Control

Transverse profile modifications and flank line (helix) modifications can be applied to the gear in any combination of the following forms. The control has the ability to enter data for both flanks together or each flank independently, allowing the operator to apply different corrections to each flank if required.


Grinding Head - Maximum Left and Right Angles from Vertical
  • Digital drives to all CNC servo axes, incorporating fibre optic Serial Real-time Communications System (S.E.R.C.O.S.) Digital closed loop feedback, integral within each axis drive.
  • Optical linear scales on all linear axes - axis resolution 9.76nm = 0.000001mm)
  • Optical rotary encoder mounted directly on work spindle and grinding spindle swivel - axis resolution 0.04 Arc second
  • Work piece indexing by means of hydro-static rotary CNC axis
  • Tailstock with CNC controlled hydraulic quill

Machine Systems

  • Optional, choice of gravity, vacuum or pressurised coolant filtration systems.
  • Free standing hydraulic unit for machine systems and hydro-static axes. Automatic centralised lubrication system
  • Dry and lubricated Air purging systems for scales, motors, dresser unit and tailstock
  • Fully enclosed machine guarding with oil mist extraction and easy access to work area
  • Automatic fire suppression system

Automatic Inspection Station

This unique feature, as illustrated in the following pictures uses a scanning probe with a resolution of 1 micron in the X, Y and Z axes for measurement and adjustment of the following features:

  • Tooth position
  • Shaft runout
  • Tooth depth
  • Helical lead
  • Tooth form scan
  • Tooth thickness
  • Automatic stock division
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