Precision CNC Machining Overview - Holroyd Precision

High Precision Machine Tools for Helical Forms

Holroyd has developed a range of world-class high precision CNC machining centres to suit all industries involved in the production of precision helical forms, encompassing gears, worm & wheels sets, compressor rotors, pump screws and specialist applications - Holroyd's Precision CNC Machining Centres can solve your production issues.

  • GTG2 - Gear and Thread Grinder
  • TG Series - Helical Rotor and Thread Grinding Machines
  • Zenith Series - Helical Rotor and Thread Grinding Machines
  • EX Series - Helical Milling Machines
  • CS Series - Cutter Sharpeners

Holroyd also provides a complete rebuild service, which can be as simple as replacing obsolete controls to a full rebuild, mechanical, electrical and software, to enable the machine to perform as a new machine, often with enhancements over the original machine bought.

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