Rotor Grinding Machines from Holroyd Precision

With the Holroyd TG range of machines you have extremely versatile, multi-purpose grinding systems for the production of helical screw components, such as worm screws and rotors. Prototypes? Batch or volume production? These machines will satisfy all your requirements.

Our machines achieve the highest standards of accuracy. Rotors can be milled to a roughed or semi-finished state, then finish ground on our rotor grinding machines. These use on-machine probing to provide closed-loop feedback of corrections to the wheel dresser. This process is automated and does not require a high level of operator skill. The result is extremely accurate profiles.

Our rotor grinding machines are equipped with chucking and workholding options that complement quick change tooling for accelerated set-up. A special 3D measurement and correction probe optimises production efficiency by maximising accuracy and improving production rates, removing the need for off-machine inspection. As a result, parts can be placed in the machine, accurately ground and then measured, and any deviations automatically corrected before completion of the cycle.

  • TG50E - components up to 50 mm diameter and 610 mm long
  • TG150E - components up to 150 mm diameter and 1180 mm long
  • TG350E - components up to 350 mm diameter and 1795 mm long
  • TG350E-XL - components up to 350 mm diameter and 2020 mm long

Key Features of TG Series:

  • Accelerated and simplified set-up
  • Fully automated grinding wheel balancing system
  • Powerful, menu-driven touch screen programming
  • Unique on-board Holroyd 3D CMM component scanning probe with fully automatic compensation feedback.
  • High-power, high-speed grinding spindles
  • Optional hollow spindle for longer components
  • Advanced in-process dressing systems
  • Larger diameter grinding wheels for maximum wheel life
  • Optional Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS) for development and control of profiles for screw rotors, vacuum and pump screws.
  • Maximum component diameter from 3mm - 450mm, depending on component and profile
  • Maximum component weight from 150kg - 500kg

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