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EX Series - Helical Milling Machines

Holroyd EX Series CNC rotor milling machines have earned worldwide recognition for their high speed, accurate precision and unbeatable build quality. Our standard range of Holroyd EX series high speed CNC rotor milling machines can cut rotor or worm helix profiles in blanks up to 850mm (33") diameter.

If 850mm (33") is still too small we can build a Holroyd 10EX miller that can perform the same functions on blanks exceeding 1m (40"). And all Holroyd EX rotor milling machines will deliver the same class leading performance and repeatability due in no small part to advanced technology. This includes our development of on-machine probing and a dry milling technique plus unrivalled build quality.

The flexibility of our EX series milling machines means that they are equally efficient at producing complex components with helical screw profiles and gear parts such as worm shafts. In all manufacturing environments they will improve productivity through a combination of high-speed operation, powerful menu-driven touchscreen CNC programming, quick-change tooling, high power spindles and unbeatable rigidity.

Key Features of the EX Series:

  • Designed for vastly improved productivity
  • Powerful, menu-driven touch screen CNC programming
  • Quick chance tooling for accelerated set-up
  • High-precision rotational accuracy
  • High-efficiency, high-speed milling spindle
  • Outstanding metal removal rates
  • Hollow spindle option for longer components
  • Range of chucking and work-holding options
  • Engineered for complete integration with automated parts handling systems

The EX standard range includes:

  • 1EX for parts up to 150mm (6") diameter
  • 2EX for parts up to 250mm (9") diameter
  • 3EX-R for parts up to 350mm (13") diameter
  • 5EX for parts up to 550mm (21") diameter
  • 6EX for parts up to 650mm (25") diameter
  • 8EX for parts up to 850mm (33") diameter

Also available:

  • 10EX for parts exceeding one metre (39") diameter

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