Marine & Automotive Sector - Holroyd Precision

"Absolute Precision" makes all the difference, and as the manufacturer of the world's most accurate equipment for the production of screw and helical forms, we supply production machinery to manufacturers of components for both marine and automotive markets around the globe.

Components can be manufactured in a variety of steels and other materials to suit. Whether the parts are for high precision Formula 1 gearboxes, or marine engines, Holroyd has the right production machinery for the job.

Our super high precision gear grinder can produce gears to DIN 2 standard and have achieved DIN 1 in test under ideal conditions and are produced by profile grinder with closed-loop feedback from a high precision scanning probe on board the machine, which can update the profile being ground, through an on-board grinding wheel dressing system, such that the most accurate profile, pitching etc can be attained and maintained throughout the production run.

Likewise we have the production equipment to produce helical forms used in marine engineering, such as for the production of twin screw rotors for superchargers, which are also common in high performance automobiles. We also retain the knowledge and capability to have components coated and then re-profiled for corrosion resistance and avoid metal-to-metal contact at the high operating speeds required by our end-users.

Parts produced on our machines are utilised in pump systems for servo assisted hydraulics in transmission systems and intelligent traction control developments.

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