Pumps - Holroyd Precision

"Absolute Precision" makes all the difference, and as the manufacturer of the world's most accurate equipment for the production of screw and helical forms, we supply production machinery to manufacturers of components for both pumps and pumping applications around the globe.

Pump screws tend to adopt a helical form and are thus ideally suited to any of the specialised Holroyd production equipment, where very high finished part tolerances can be achieved.

Typical markets that are serviced by pumps manufactured on Holroyd equipment are:

  • Off-shore and marine installations
  • Water treatment
  • Oil transfer
  • Liquid and gas fuel metering
  • Lift pumps
  • Lubrication systems

Typical pumps can be either ground, or milled first and then ground depending upon the size. With the use of HPMS and closed loop feedback capability from the high precision scanning probe, superb accuracy can be achieved, synonymous with the requirements of metering pumps and high efficiency lubrication and hydraulic systems.

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