Vacuum Sector - Holroyd Precision

"Absolute Precision" makes all the difference, and as the manufacturer of the world's most accurate equipment for the production of screw and helical forms, we supply production machinery to manufacturers of vacuum systems around the globe.

Components can be manufactured in a variety of steels and other materials to suit.

Vacuum screw rotors can be milled and profiled in a variety of materials and sizes to suit all production needs, in a similar fashion to compressor rotors.

Quimby style vacuum screw rotors can be easily milled on a specialised Holroyd CNC milling machine using an additional rotary axis incorporated in the rear bed to facilitate the undercut or pocketing required to transmit the air in this specialised type of screw. Grinding is also possible.

As with all rotor production centres from Holroyd, they utilise the Holroyd Profile Management Software (HPMS), which not only ensures super accurate geometric simulation of clearances, cutters, profiles and probing for on-machine measurement and check, but also enables the designer to manipulate profiles and experiment both theoretically and in practice in rotor production on Holroyd's machines.

Customers have the option of rough milling and grinding, or rough and finish milling, with the machines designed to work as individual units, or fully integrated within a production cell with robotic/gantry loading.