Holroyd Precision Rotors - Supporting Manufacturing

From prototype to production, the same high standards of precision apply.

Precision screw and rotor manufacturing technology

Holroyd Precision Rotors has been at the forefront of screw and compressor rotor manufacture for over 50 years, working closely with customers to design and produce all types of helical forms, rotors, supercharger screws, blowers, pump screws and vacuum screws.

As the sub-contract manufacturing division of Precision Technologies Group (PTG), Holroyd Precision Rotors has the capability to produce both prototype components and volume production.

Working closely with clients in the HVAC, air compression, gas transmission and distribution, and fluids processing, metering and handling market sectors, Holroyd Precision Rotors has the flexibility to produce new types of screw profiles in a matter of hours, dramatically reducing customer development and process lead-times.

Precision Rotors

Chongqing Holroyd Precision Rotor Manufacturing Facility

Take a tour of Holroyd Precision Rotors' new state-of-the-art rotor manufacturing facility in Chongqing, China - a joint venture between CHMTI and Holroyd Precision Rotors.

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