Ancillary support machines

TF Series - test fixtures for rotor production

TF Series machines provide a range of test fixtures for rotor production, to ensure the accurate measurement of rotor profile clearances for a variety of rotor sizes.

Each model features a stable, self-standing measuring platform that is compact and offers excellent profile visibility. A cast iron base and ‘digital centre positioning’ can be specified on the TF204E and TF250E machines. A range of bespoke fixtures is also available for components that require special mountings.

Model TF204E TF250E TF350HE
Centre Distance Min 50 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Centre Distance Max 170 mm 220 mm 280 mm
Rotor Diameter Max 204 mm 255 mm 350 mm
Max Length between Centres 1200 mm 1220 mm 1220 mm
Headstock Option Centre Distances 35 mm min 60 mm min 75 mm min

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