The Powerstir model range

The design of battery powered vehicles presents many challenges, with weight being a key factor in achieving a balance between performance and economy. PTG Powerstir FSW technology enables the production of lightweight aluminium battery enclosures with weight savings that can help extend the range of a vehicle between charges. As FSW joints offer greater integrity and strength than traditional MIG welded joints, the opportunity exists for a reduction in the thickness of extruded aluminium panels, all with associated weight benefits.

Powerstir travelling table friction stir welders

Powerstir travelling table friction stir welding machines are typically used for educational and R&D purposes, and for the manufacture of small components, including those with thin wall sections. Examples include: hydraulic cylinders, suspension dampers and heat exchanger components.

Powerstir static gantry, moving table machines

Powerstir static gantry FSW machines are used extensively in development work, particularly across the aerospace sector. FSW welds can allow for reduced wall thickness in a number of components, without impacting on strength.

Powerstir moving gantry and heavy gantry machines

The Powerstir FSW range includes models purpose-built for use in the manufacture of railway carriage bodies. Examples include Powerstir 30 m x 4 m gantry machines which are used to produce carriage floor, sidewall and endwall panels for high-speed trains. Heavy gantry models are also available for heavy section jointing.

Powerstir automotive FSW machines

The Powerstir automotive range contains models specially developed for use in the manufacture of components for battery electric (BEV) and plug in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles. 

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