Zenith 400 helical profile Machine

Every once in a while, a machine tool is created that redefines the way a particular manufacturing process is performed.

Representing the very pinnacle of our profile grinding technologies, the PTG Holroyd Zenith 400 helical profile grinder is such a machine.

With a 420 mm grinding capability and a maximum component weight of 700 kg, the Zenith 400 offers considerable levels of versatility.


In addition to being a high-precision helical profile grinding machine, the Zenith 400 also delivers high stock removal rates and aggressive semi finishing, with production rates and accuracies tailored to individual manufacturing requirements.

Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS)

Available as an option with several of our grinding technologies, HPMS consists of a suite of sub programs for the development of a wide range of helical profiles for screw rotors, vacuum screws and pump screws. HPMS can also be used to assist the control of a profile during the production stages and optimisation of operating meshing conditions.

Key Features

Zenith 400

  • Vitrified / dressable media and plated CBN
  • Accelerated and simplified set-up
  • Fully automated grinding wheel balancing system
  • Powerful, intuitive touch screen programming
  • High stock removal rates, aggressive semi-finishing and precision fine finishing
  • Compact footprint, yet large component capability
  • Unique on-board Holroyd 3D CMM component scanning probe with fully automatic compensation feedback
  • Optional Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS) for off-machine programming
  • Advanced in-process wheel dressing system
  • Engineered for complete integration with automated parts handling systems
  • 420 mm maximum component diameter
  • 700 kg maximum component weight

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