Powerstir FSW for automotive applications

We have developed a number of Powerstir ‘automotive sector’ FSW machines - including dual weld-head models - specifically for use in the manufacture of components for battery electric (BEV) and plug in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles. 

In line with the introduction of skateboard chassis architecture, we offer highly efficient Powerstir FSW techniques for the fabrication of lightweight, aesthetic enclosures capable of housing multiple battery modules side by side.

The benefit of our dual weld-head technology is its ability to deliver equal heat and weld stress distribution, ensuring very little distortion and outstanding panel flatness. Welding both seams at the same time also reduces the cycle time associated with a single weld head gantry style system, where the panel must be turned to enable welding of the underside.

Powerstir FSW machines can be used in the production of battery trays, coolant units, control box panels and car body panels, as well as components and body panels for commercial vehicles. Calling on their proven expertise, our R&D teams are continually developing new techniques for different automotive applications.

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