WG Series worm gear grinding stations

WG Series worm gear grinding stations offer ultra-high levels of accuracy and finish in worm gear shaft manufacture to AGMA 14/DIN2.

Depending on the model chosen, users can precision grind worm shafts in sizes ranging from 3mm to 500mm diameter and thread lengths up to 1600mm. A 130mm diameter through bore work head accommodates long shaft lengths.

Designed and built in the UK, WG machines combine high power for deep grinding operations with fast set up time to maximise production and minimise operating costs.

Every WG machine also benefits from a purpose-designed control system incorporating a menu-driven user interface. This capability makes it simple and straightforward for operators to input data from gear drawings, to produce profile and grinding paths and to generate standard tooth forms or perform topological modifications to tooth profiles.

Machine Specifications
Minimum Component Diameter 0 mm
Maximum Component Diameter 420 mm
Maximum Traverse Length 1400 mm
Distance from workhead face to retracted tailstock centre 2240 mm. Workhead has a 130 diameter through bore
Spindle Speed Up to 6000 rpm
Feed Rate Variable, up to 7.5 m/min
Maximum Component Weight 700 kg
Grinding Wheel Options Vitrified / dressable media and plated CBN

Key Features

WG Series

  • Worm gear shafts precision ground to AGMA 14/DIN 2 in sizes from 3mm to 500mm diameter and thread lengths up to 1600mm
  • Advanced digital servo drives and high torque density synchronous servo motors for high-power capability
  • Holroyd 8-axis CNC system with advanced touch screen interface
  • ‘SMART’ probe and self-correction technology remove the need for off-machine inspection of ground components
  • Fully automatic programmable cycles
  • Fully automatic grinding wheel balancing system
  • 2-axis CNC controlled wheel dresser with diamond dressing disk
  • Optional automatic inspection station – Renishaw SP80 Scanning Probe with resolution of 1µm in X, Y and Z axes for measurement of tooth position shaft run-out, tooth depth, helical lead etc.

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