Powerstir FSW for railway carriage manufacturing

Around the world, the capabilities of Powerstir FSW machines are widely acknowledged by manufacturers of railway rolling stock.

Organisations that have previously relied upon TIG and MIG welding techniques have chosen Powerstir friction stir welding for its high speed, high quality, low distortion and superior joint strength.

Powerstir friction stir welding machines provide the opportunity for reduced wall thickness of aluminium panels and significant weight savings – all without impacting on strength.

Applications include carriage floor, sidewall and endwall panels. In China and Germany, Powerstir 30 m x 4 m moving gantry machines are used to produce panels of up to 15 m in length for use in the manufacture of railway car bodies for high-speed trains.

The FSW process gives low distortion even in long welds and excellent mechanical properties – established by rigorous fatigue, tensile and bend testing, with no fumes, porosity or spatter.

The Powerstir process can operate in all positions and is energy-efficient, requiring no filler wire or gas shielding. Most important of all, it produces vastly superior joint strength and weld appearance, with no need for post-weld grinding.

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