Process Optimisation, Retooling and Training

We want every PTG customer to get the very most from their investment in our high-precision, high-quality machine tools.

That’s why we offer an extensive range of options to help ensure you are able to design and manufacture the ultra-precise components that are critical to your success.

Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS)

Our process optimisation services include access to HPMS – a suite of sub programs for the development of a wide range of helical profiles for screw rotors, vacuum screws and pump screws. HPMS can also be used to assist the control of a profile during the production stages and optimisation of operating meshing conditions.

Our Services

We Can Assist with

  • Manufacturing process optimisation
  • Tooling advice and guidance
  • Retooling for new processes and products
  • Operator, maintenance and applications training


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