SP Series Screw-Pump Spindle Grinding Machines

We have developed a range of high-performance machines specifically for the fast, efficient precision grinding of screw-pump spindles of different geometries.

The very nature of screw-pump spindle profiles – and the often-significant difference between spindle length and diameter – presents manufacturers with a unique challenge: that of ensuring zero flexing of the workpiece during grinding. That is why every Holroyd SP Series machine incorporates specially designed workpiece holding technologies to ensure total rigidity and absolute precision throughout the entire grinding process.

Choose from the TG-SP range, with models to accommodate component diameters from 3 mm to 450 mm and component weights of up to 500 kg. Alternatively, for components exceeding 500 kg, we offer the Zenith SP, designed to accommodate maximum component diameters of 420 mm and maximum component weights of 700kg. Just like the Zenith 400 helical profile grinding machine, the Zenith SP also offers all three grinding wheel technologies: dressable aluminium oxide, ultra-hard plated CBN and vitrified, dressable CBN.

Machine Specifications TG-SP Range Zenith SP
Minimum Component Diameter 0 mm 0 mm
Maximum Component Diameter 420 mm 420 mm
Maximum Traverse Length 1600 mm 1400 mm
Distance from workhead face to retracted tailstock centre Up to 2115 mm 2040 mm
Spindle Speed Up to 3000 rpm Up to 6000 rpm
Feed Rate Variable, up to 6 m/min Variable, up to 7.5 m/min
Maximum Component Weight 700 kg 700 kg
Grinding Wheel Options Vitrified / dressable media Vitrified / dressable media and plated CBN

Key Features

SP Series

  • High levels of accuracy and efficient stock removal
  • Developed for prototyping, batch and volume production
  • Accelerated and simplified set-up
  • Fully automated grinding wheel balancing system
  • Powerful, intuitive touch screen programming
  • Holroyd 3D CMM ‘on-board’ component scanning probe with fully automatic compensation feedback
  • High-power, high-speed grinding spindles
  • Advanced, in-process wheel dressing system
  • Large diameter grinding wheels for maximum wheel life
  • Optional hollow spindle for longer components
  • Optional Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS)
  • Optional ‘offline’ CNC programming system for desktop PC (TG-SP models)


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