EX Series rotor milling machines

PTG Holroyd EX Series rotor and pump-screw milling machines have earned global acclaim for their high speed, high precision and unrivalled build quality. Delivering class-leading performance and reliability, ‘standard build’ EX machines can cut rotor or worm helix profiles in blanks of up to 850 mm in diameter.

Where this diameter is too small, we offer a custom-built 10EX model that can complete the same milling functions on blanks greater than 1000 mm in diameter.

Custom-build options are also available for customers whose requirements differ from the capabilities of our standard build machines.

EX Series Rotor Milling Machine

Immensely flexible in their manufacturing capabilities, EX Series machines are equally efficient when producing highly complex components with helical screw profiles as they are when being used to mill gear parts such as worm shafts.

All EX Series rotor and pump-screw milling machines deliver the same class-leading performance, reliability and repeatability, and benefit from our advanced technologies such as on-machine probing and dry milling techniques for certain materials.

key features

ex series

  • Designed for vastly improved productivity
  • Powerful, menu-driven touch screen CNC programming
  • Choice of CNC systems
  • Quick change tooling for accelerated set up
  • High-precision rotational accuracy
  • High-efficiency, high-speed milling spindle
  • Outstanding metal removal rates
  • Optional hollow spindle for longer components
  • Extensive chucking and workholding options
  • Engineered for complete integration with automated parts handling systems


Machines in the EX Series

  • 2EX

    for parts up to 250 mm (9”) diameter

  • 3EX – R

    for parts up to 350 mm (13”) diameter

  • 4EX-R

    for parts up to 420 mm (16.5”) diameter and ‘Roots’-type blowers

  • 5EX

    for parts up to 550 mm (21”) diameter

  • 6EX

    for parts up to 650 mm (25”) diameter

  • 8EX

    for parts up to 850 mm (33”) diameter

  • 10EX

    for parts exceeding 1000 mm (39”) diameter

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