The Powerstir FSW process

Powerstir friction stir welding uses frictional heat combined with precisely controlled forging pressure to produce high integrity, full penetration welded joints that are virtually defect free. 

Due to a very low welding temperature, mechanical distortion is practically eliminated. There is a minimal Heat Affected Zone and an excellent surface finish.

The ideal solution to any process where high-speed, high-strength welding is required, with low distortion and superior joint strength, the Powerstir FSW process is effective on flat plates, cylindrical components and even components of irregular thickness and varying cross-section.

Offering far reaching opportunities for joining traditionally difficult to weld alloys, Powerstir friction stir welding machines offer precise position control, force control, load sensing, real-time data logging of weld parameters, seam tracking and height sensing.

Typical applications

Powerstir FSW process

  • Automotive components – including EV battery housings and trays, coolant units, control boxes and body panels
  • Aircraft fuselage and avionics development
  • Aluminium bridge sections
  • Architectural structures and frames
  • Boat and ship panel sections
  • Electric motor housings
  • Flat and cylindrical fuel tanks and bulk liquid containers
  • Heat sinks and electronics enclosures
  • Locomotive train and carriage panels and bodies (aluminium)
  • Pipelines and heat exchangers
  • Truck bodies, caravans and space frames

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