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Absolute Precision Makes All the Difference

One group. Three world-class divisions. That’s PTG. An organisation that specialises in the creation of highly sophisticated rotor milling, rotor grinding and friction stir welding machines — as well as the design and manufacture of all types of precise helical forms.

Holroyd are world-leaders in the design, build and supply of high-precision gear, rotor, screw and thread milling and grinding machines for the manufacture of ultra-precise helical components.

PTG Powerstir Friction Stir Welding machines are widely acclaimed as the leading technology for the creation of superior quality, high-strength welded joints which are free from the unsightly visible effects and metallurgical changes often associated with conventional welding. Powerstir ‘moving gantry’ FSW machines are used to produce railway carriage panels for some of the world’s fastest trains. While our recently introduced Powerstir ‘automotive sector’ FSW machines are revolutionising the way OEMs produce components for the latest generation of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

PTG Holroyd Precision Rotor Milling Machines, our sub-contract manufacturing division, prototypes, mills and grinds rotors, supercharger screws, blowers, pump screws and vacuum screws for many of the world’s most successful manufacturers.

Together, the companies in our group serve a diverse range of industrial sectors, from aerospace and automotive to HVAC, high-speed rail, air compression, refrigeration, marine, medical, shipbuilding, oil, gas and power generation. We offer unrivalled levels of technical knowledge, manufacturing capability and customer support in product development, including the FSW process and the milling and grinding of helical profiles. We have also developed some of the most sophisticated, intuitive machine tool software in our sector, enabling our customers to work effectively and efficiently.

Perhaps most important of all, we continually research, invest and innovate – all to ensure that, as a member of our global customer base, you have access to nothing less than the finest technologies.

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Absolute Precision Makes All the Difference.

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