GT Series gear grinding centres

PTG Holroyd GT Series helical gear grinding centres set the standard for the production of ultra-precise helical gears.

Building on the successes of the Holroyd GTG2 gear grinding centre, we have recently introduced the GT350 – our latest technology for the production of ultra-precise gears and threads of up to 350 mm in diameter. The GT350 can also be programmed to grind ball screws, compressor rotors, internal gears and threads.

Offering extensive levels of flexibility for manufacturers of precision spur gears, helical gears, worms, screws and rotors, the GT350 features an extended machine bed and has been developed to better meet the needs of today’s busy production environments.

Effectively a self-contained production cell, the GT350 combines the high power required for deep grinding operations, with uncompromising levels of precision finish (in the order of DIN2).

The GT350’s powerful, menu-driven interface allows the operator to take data from a gear drawing, in a wide variety of representations, to produce profiles and grinding paths to generate the gear. Transverse profile modifications and flank line (helix) modifications can be applied to the gear in a range of combinations. Data can either be entered for both flanks or individual flanks, allowing for superior levels of correction.

Key Features

GT Series

  • Developed for prototyping, batch and volume production
  • Machining process compensates for helical twist
  • Powerful menu-driven touch screen programming
  • Extended machine bed for greater manufacturing capability
  • Integrated profile management system
  • Fully automatic programmable cycles
  • Fully automatic grinding wheel balancing system
  • ‘On machine’ component inspection
  • Advanced in-process wheel dressing system

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