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Major European Train Builders Invest in Powerstir Friction Stir Welding

Specially developed Powerstir friction stir welding (FSW) machines from UK-based Precision Technologies Group (PTG), that incorporate a 30-metre x 4-metre moving gantry, could soon redefine the way in which Europe’s leading manufacturers of railway rolling stock produce aluminium carriage bodies.

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New Holroyd Gear Grinding Centre Offers Greater Levels Of Efficiency In Precision Gear, Worm And Screw Production

A brand-new gear grinding centre from Holroyd Precision promises to bring even higher levels of intelligence and efficiency to the production of specialised gears and tooth forms. Called the GT350, this latest machine from the Precision Technologies Group (PTG) company has been developed for one-off and batch grinding of precision spur and helical gears, worms and screws of up to 350 mm in diameter. It can also be used to precision grind compressor rotors.

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PTG Introduces Powerstir Dual Weld-Head Friction Stir Welding For Electric Vehicle OEMs

UK-based Precision Technologies Group (PTG), the manufacturer of the globally acclaimed Powerstir range of friction stir welding machines, has introduced a number of dual weld-head FSW models specifically for use in the volume production of automotive battery tray floor assemblies from extruded aluminium panels.

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Third Holroyd Rotor Milling Machine For Leading Air Compressor Specialist

One of Europe’s premier manufacturers of air compressor technologies has ordered a new EX Series rotor milling machine from Precision Technologies Group company, Holroyd Precision.

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Bringing New Levels Of Intelligence To Helical Rotor Production

Precision Technologies Group company, Holroyd Precision, has introduced a number of innovative technologies to its rotor milling and grinding machines that will bring even greater levels of intelligence and efficiency to its customers’ manufacturing strategies.

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Discover PTG’s Ultra-Precise Machine Tools and Manufacturing Capabilities at Steelfab 2020

We’re looking forward to presenting the capabilities of our rotor milling and grinding machines, our friction stir welding machines and our sub-contract manufacturing facilities at SteelFab 2020.

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Precision And Pace Of Holroyd TG350E Secures Order From Jaguar Compressors

There are currently in the region of 70 Holroyd TG Series rotor grinding machines in use around the world – and, each year, the company typically receives orders to build several new TG models.

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Proud To Sponsor The 2019 Compressor Conference

UK-based Precision Technologies Group (PTG) will again be Platinum Sponsor of the International Conference on Compressors and their Systems organised by City, University of London. The 2019 conference takes place from 9th – 11th September.

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Presenting PTG’s Rotor Milling, Rotor Grinding And Friction Stir Welding Expertise At EMO Hannover 2019

Precision Technologies Group (PTG) will be presenting the capabilities of its advanced machine tools at EMO Hannover 2019. A pair of 642 mm diameter stainless steel rotors, that have been precision-milled on a PTG Holroyd 8EX rotor milling machine, will also be on display. The rotors are expected to be of particular interest to visitors.

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Holroyd’s High-precision Rotor Milling Centres Now Available With A Choice Of Control

Committed to giving its customers the maximum choice when it comes to machine control technologies, UK-based Holroyd Precision now offers no fewer than three CNC control/HMI configurations with its high-precision helical rotor production centres.

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